Here are a few specialty tools that we use and
recommend for working with copper.
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Wiss M-300 Shear
Our favorite hand shear for copper strap.

This 3" compound action straight-cut shear cuts
through 2" copper strap in one squeeze.  A couple of
squeezes and you're through 4" strap!   
This is the one we use every day in the shop!
Made In USA
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Lower price!  Was $108.00.
Roper Whitney No. 5 Jr. Punch
Drilling holes in copper strap can be tricky!
Don't drill copper strap or sheet.  Punch it!
This kit includes punches & dies in the following
sizes:  3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32".
Made In USA
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Economy Sheet Metal Punch
This punch is just like the Roper Whitney punch
above, but is made in Taiwan.   I've used both - The
Roper Whitney makes a slightly cleaner hole, and the
Roper Whitney seems better built.  But this economy
version is okay for light duty occasional use.  It gets
the job done.... at a lower price.
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Malco 3" Sheet Metal Tool
This handy hand-held tool can help you bend, fold,
flatten, or hold copper strap or copper sheet.  It's like
pliers, but with compound action for plenty of power,
and 3-inch wide carbon-steel jaws.  (Be aware...  
There are cheaper versions on the market with
die-cast jaws.)
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Malco 6" Sheet Metal Tool

Same as above, but with 6-inch wide jaws.  
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Bench-Top 12" Shear

This shear, with its guillotine compound action, and
tool steel blades, makes nice clean cuts in copper up
to 12" wide, up to .025" thick.  We use one of these
regularly in our shop and are pleased with it.  Please
note:  All of our other products are stock items, but
this shear is drop-shipped from the source.


This item is no longer available.
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